Friday, January 21, 2011

Family Fridays: I Don't Have To Look Very Far

Motivation and inspiration are often hard to come by. Writer's block, depression, even just normal work days can deter you from your creative passions. I am fortunate to be blessed with such a talented family that I don't have to look very far for inspiration.

My aunt, Lilia Lopez-Rahman has published her very first book, For The Sake Of Louise. It is about her harrowing experiences of emotional and mental abuse inflicted by her ex-husband, including her daughter being kidnapped and taken to Sri Lanka for several years. It is only through her faith in God and his gifts of strength and unfailing love that she is able to overcome psychological turmoil and find real love at last.

I am humbled and inspired by my aunt's story. It amazes me to know that she was struggling with some of the things mentioned in the book the very first time I met her in person, around 1999-2000. When I met her, I was struck by her conviction in God and unfailing devotion to her family. Now I fully comprehend why. I want to share this book with everyone, not just because she is my family, but because it is a book for every woman (and man!) that has ever felt demoralized and hopeless. I salute you Auntie, for your honesty and your fortitude.

You can order your very own copy of For The Sake of Louise HERE

Love, Light, and Happy Reading, MARS

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