Thursday, March 24, 2011

#19: Visit 5 States. CHECK.

I went on a extensive road trip this weekend to help launch a fabulous makeup line designed by my cousin and ran by us as a family in Washington DC. The trip took 12-14 hrs each way but with 3 iPods, lots of snacks and good eatin', and a great synergy with the fam, it didn't feel that long at all. 

Number 19 on my YEAR LIST. Done-zo.

Indiana Rest Stop

My First Cracker Barrel Experience, Ohio Turnpike

Aviva Brick Oven Pizzeria- Warrendale, Pennsylvania
(Eew, I look gross)

Georgetown, Washington DC 

NENA Cosmetics DC Launch- Alexandria, Virginia

Love, Light, and Travels, MARS

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  1. CRACKER BARREL!!! Oh my.. I love Cracker Barrel. I hope when I get old I can live near one and just eat there every day. It shall be glorious.