Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Grown-Up Christmas List

I was inspired by the song My Grown-Up Christmas List and Jill Rigby's Raising Unselfish Children in a Self-Absorbed World to write my own special Christmas list. Every family has their own list of traditions for the holidays and I am hoping we can add some new ones to ours. I want to make sure that I help my daughter (and me!) to focus on the true gifts of Christmas; compassion, generosity, and a child being born into this world to bear our sins.

 My Christmas List
  • Start reading A Christmas Carol out loud as a family
  • Help children go through toys to give away to needy children
  • Participate in Heifer Intl or Samaritan's Purse
  • Adopt a child/family for Christmas
  • Make a batch of something homemade to share with neighbors/mailman/garbagemen
  • Invite kids over to make candy houses
  • Make homemade Christmas cards and send them out via snail mail!
  • Let kids add canned good to the food donation pantry
  • Adopt an elderly neighbor
  • Make a Family Newspaper to record Christmas memories
  • Homemade gifts for each member of family
  • Host Birthday Party for Jesus and invite kids to come with a little gift that will be given to children in need
  • Help kids write and perform a play
  • Sing Christmas Carols at dinner
  • Make homemade bread from scratch
  • Watch It's A Wonderful Life w/ popcorn
  • See a LIVE Nativity scene
  • Make old-fashioned popcorn garlands
  • Pass out Candy Canes door to door
  • Have a candlelight supper around the Christmas tree
  • Make lists of family promises for the new year
  • Read the Christmas story of Luke 2
  • Attend Christmas Eve service
  • Make a cake for Jesus Birthday
I know we probably won't be able to finish our list but we are going to try! What are some of the things you are going to add to your grown-up list? What special traditions do you have with your family already? Happy Holidays Everyone!

Love and Light, MARS


  1. Very inspiring list! Really makes me want to put one together as well....or maybe just go off of yours. We would have very similar lists. I always wanted to go caroling...we should try to get a group together. And as for the live nativity, my friend's church in Plainfield hosts one every year. I think we're going to go this year.

  2. I love the idea of hosting a birthday party for Jesus and donating all the presents! I may have to use that one when Julius is a bit older.

  3. Marie,

    This is a wonderful list. Each idea is incredibly thoughtful and laden with compassion, care and love. THIS is what the holiday season is truly about.. we should be so lucky to encounter less consumerism and more family- and community-based good deeds.

    Thanks for this post (and for your comment on my blog!)

    Dave :)