Tuesday, November 9, 2010

From Party Girl To Potty Girl

The Cognizance of My Drastic Life Change:

Party Girl: Fully stocked bar complete with Ketel One and Grey Goose in the freezer
Potty Girl: The only bottles put in the freezer the last two years were full of breast milk

Party Girl Bathroom Routine:  Long Tub Soak, Luxurious Moisturizing, Mini-Facial, Make Up & Hair Sesh
Potty Girl Bathroom Routine: 5 min shower (while toddler is screaming head off trying to pull curtain open), Frantic Lotioning of legs (one unshaved), Scrunchie in Unwashed Head Hairstyle

Party Girl: Social Butterfly politely declining invitations due to a busy schedule
Potty Girl: Social Calendar revolving around Story-Times, Potty Breaks, and Wiggles Concerts

Party Girl: Fried Anything at Denny's after a long night of drinking and clubbing
Potty Girl: Healthy Home-Cooked Meals after long day of cleaning and home-school

Party Girl Shopping: Relaxing therapy session of browsing through racks, trying on garments and shoe-whoring
Potty Girl Shopping: Frenetic Grab and Go strategy coupled with whining and temper tantrums (from both Mommy and Daughter)

Party Girl's Morning: Waking up in a pile of own vomit and clothes from going out the night before
Potty Girl's Morning: Waking up in a pile of sick baby vomit and same clothes for past 3 days (missed laundry day again!)

Party Girl: Depends on no one but herself!
Potty Girl: Is depended upon to nurture a mind body and soul. (How amazing is that?!)

Party Girl: Can pound shots faster than anybody, parties harder than the rest, but almost lost her mind and spirit
Potty Girl: Can change a diaper quicker than everybody, cuddles better than the best, and is learning to love herself again

Party Girl's Perception of Love: Money, Material Objects, Men
Potty Girl's Perception of Love: Faith, Food, Family

Love and Light, MARS

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